Chairman’s Message

Correct understanding is the optimal way to reach our goals. We will not have control over our destinies if our ideas and visions do not take root in our land, expressing our concerns, worries, and interests. We should export ideas and not import them. We will not be able to export our ideas and have an impact on the world without having strong think tanks capable of spreading, correcting misconceptions, and reshaping public awareness locally and globally. This is the most important goal of establishing the Al Habtoor Research Centre.


In response to the ongoing changes and challenges that are reshaping the world, I have founded the Al Habtoor Research Centre with the aim of providing decision-makers and stakeholders in the Arab region with reliable and accurate intellectual and research resources. Our Centre will produce various types of resources such as research studies, policy papers, and reports to assist in developing sound scientific and methodological approaches for addressing current challenges, anticipating potential threats and implementing precise early warning systems. Our goal is to support decision-makers and stakeholders in adapting, confronting, and growing with confidence.

In addition, this platform aims to educate the Arab public on the reasons, patterns, and risks that underlie the events, changes, and threats surrounding us. Through HRC, we also aspire to train and qualify a group of thinkers and researchers who will successfully contribute to enhancing the calibre, accuracy, and sobriety of the insights and analyses offered to the public. The Centre brings together a group of specialised professionals and young researchers who have been carefully chosen and trained to foster a new generation of creative thinkers who can develop innovative ideas and solutions for the challenges and dangers confronting the region.


I founded Al Habtoor Research Centre out of a genuine concern for the future of the Arab region amidst its difficulties and dangers. My goal is to enlighten the Arab mind with ideas and insights that promote risk and threat awareness while also encouraging the best possible utilization of abilities, talents, and potentials. As such, we aspire to position Al Habtoor Research Centre as a leading thinking and influence hub not only in the Arab region but also globally. To achieve this, we have implemented a structured and organized approach that produces high-quality output on par with the most prominent think tanks worldwide.