Dr. Mostafa Al-Feki

Dr. Mostafa El-Feki is an Egyptian diplomat and politician, he is the former Director of the Library of Alexandria. He held many positions in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the most important of which was the position of Egypt’s Ambassador to Austria and its permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. Dr. Al-Feki was also an advisor to Egypt in New Delhi, and first assistant to the Egyptian Foreign Minister for Arab and Middle East Affairs, and a permanent representative of Egypt to the League of Arab States.


On the national front, Dr. Mostafa El-Feki held the position of Secretary to the President of the Republic for Information and Director of the Information and Follow-up Office of the Presidency of the Republic. In addition, he turned to parliamentary work. He held several positions, including Chairman of the Arab Affairs, Foreign Relations, and National Security Committee of the Shura Council, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the People's Assembly, and Vice Chairman of the Freedom and Human Rights Committee.