Dr. Abdulkhaleq Abdulla

Dr Abdul Khaleq Abdullah is a distinguished professor of political science from the United Arab Emirates. He earned his doctorate from Georgetown University in Washington and his master’s degree from the American University in Washington. Presently, he serves as a professor and visiting scholar at Harvard University. Dr Abdullah is actively engaged in various organisations, holding positions such as a member of the Executive Committee of the Gulf Development Forum, Mufakiru Al Emarat (Emirates Thinkers), and the Scientific Committee of the Journal of Social Sciences. His insightful perspectives have been disseminated through numerous articles published across esteemed media platforms.


Dr Abdul Khaleq Abdullah’s academic pursuits center on security dynamics and political evolutions in the Arabian Gulf. He also delves into contemporary Arab and international intellectual and political discourse. Dr Abdullah's extensive literary contributions have significantly influenced Arab perceptions, particularly regarding the UAE and the Arabian Gulf. Notable among his works is The Gulf Moment in Contemporary Arab History, initially published in 2019 and later translated into Korean in 2023. Harvard University subsequently reissued the book in English in 2024.


Additionally, his repertoire includes titles such as The Story of Politics, The Cultural Movement in the Emirates, The Gulf Regional System, Contemporary Gulf Issues, and The Contemporary World and International Conflicts. His latest publication, Confessions of a Retired Academic, along with My Journey to Harvard: Thoughts of an Emirati Academic, published in 2024, further enrich his academic legacy.